Our Story

Stony Brook University's Incubator at Calverton was conceived as an economic engine to enhance Eastern Long Island's agricultural, aquacultural and environmental industries.  

As one of Stony Brook's business incubators, Calverton is helping to create a new base of industries and higher paying jobs by promoting the survival and growth of its companies.  Tenants can take full advantage of vast resources to accelerate the research and development of products and/or services for introduction into the marketplace.  Our modern offices, conference rooms, laboratories with both fresh and salt-water access, as well as our new food processing facility provide an excellent working environment that focuses on the development of new ventures compatible with the unique economic setting of Long Island's East End.

The original site was constructed in 2004, and addition of the new Agriculture Consumer Science Center  was completed in 2012. 

Management Team

Monique Gablenz - Director

Phone - (631) 727-4631

email - monique.gablenz@stonybrook.edu

Patrick Iacono - Assistant Director

Phone - (631) 591-2311

email - patrick.iacono@stonybrook.edu